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The time has come. You have the power to visit the year 1836 and the lost world of the Texas Revolution. Where augmented reality makes time travel happen. Using a reality board and your smartphone or tablet, you now have a window on an international legend. A reality that doesn’t tell you a story, but shows it with accurate, photo realistic reconstructions of the church and small garrison where the legend was born.  You’ll see and hear the sounds of battle, along with a narrator who explains the saga, taking place before your eyes.

A living textbook for history … authored by your curiosity. And if you’re a collector, don’t forget the Alamo trading cards. Each card … a miniature reality board, showcasing the people who lived the story. The time has come to explore a subject that would’ve taken hours to understand with a textbook. A subject that is now unpacked in seconds, as your eyes and ears make you a living observer to real history. Start the adventure!



Device requirements: iPhone 6s and above, iPad with iOS10+, Android tablet and phone with OS6 and above with ARMv6 and FPU Processor and OpenGL 3.0.

3D Augmented Reality Board Set

This premium 3D Augmented Reality Board Set includes access to 17 Augmented Reality (AR) animated scenes with our largest reality board, plus the Alamo Edition Guidebook. Use your smartphone or tablet to explore the Alamo as it was in 1836, and see the epic battle come to life through stunning 3D photoreal recreations! Live history as it happened, and discover untold stories about the Alamo. This is educational experience will be played over and over by learners of all ages! You will need to download an app for your device. Set includes:

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Limited Edition Augmented Reality Mini-board & Card Set

The Limited Edition Augmented Reality Mini-board and Card Set provides a variety of ways to experience the Alamo as it was in 1836 through Augmented Reality (AR). The set provides access to 11 animated scenes, including 2 rooms that you can step inside and explore. As part of this incredible realistic experience, this set comes with 7 Augmented Reality card experiences and 4 mini-board AR experiences – hear facts about historical figures who participated in the Alamo battles! You will need to download an app for your device. Set includes:

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Collector’s Reality Card Set

The Collector’s Reality Card Set includes unlimited access to 6 Augmented Reality card experiences PLUS a bonus collector’s card – Firing the 6-lb Cannon. Hear facts about historical figures who participated in the Battle of the Alamo in 1836! You will need to download a free app for your device. Set includes:

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3 Card Collector’s Random Card Pack

See Alamo heroes come to life!  The 3-Card Collector’s Pack includes 3 random cards with unlimited access to AR experiences. Cards available: David (Davy) Crockett, Martín Perfecto De Cos, Antonio López de Santa Anna, James (Jim) Bowie, William Barret Travis, Sarah and The 6lb Cannon. You will need to download a free app for your device.



Experience Real History, LLC, a San Antonio, Texas based education technology company, develops an array of fun and exciting historical products for the retail and educational markets under the Experience Real History (ERH) brand. All products utilize innovative Augmented Reality to bring historical destinations and figures to life.

Products include interactive Augmented Reality collector’s trading cards, Reality Boards™, puzzles, figurines, coasters and books, with additional products currently in development.  In addition to physical products,  the company develops downloadable Apps for mobile devices that allow users to travel back in time in history to see and hear what life was like. Experiences include traveling back to 1836 at the Alamo. Users are able to navigate wherever they want to go to virtually explore places in history – many that no longer exist- and learn fascinating information along the way. Additional content allows the user to access additional written and video content that can be used by educators and school systems.  Curriculum level lesson and games to be released soon.

 Supplier Partnership 

Experience Real History, LLC selected industry leader, RR Donnelly, to assist with manufacturing, Third Party Logistics (3PL), distribution and freight to manage a portfolio of products for Experience Real History’s ERH brand. The selection was based on the firm’s reputation and its ability to provide a cohesive solution. The company’s expertise includes, but is not limited to, the ability to manufacture and source a wide range of products via their network of worldwide partners. ERH is currently being produced in various plants throughout the United States, Mexico and Asia.

The 3PL function manages all product storage, pick/pack and shipping in the United States and can expand Globally as demand grows in those respective markets.

Transportation is a key element to controlling cost for a retailers and consumers, as such Experience Real History, LLC has corporate agreements in place to assist Brick and Mortar retailers small and large with their transpiration needs as requested.

 General information 

Our Partners:

  • Employee more than 42,000 people
  • Generate revenues greater than $6B
  • Manage 230 facilities in the United States occupying more than 17M sq. ft.
  • Own/Manage more than 90 international facilities, encompassing approximately 6.7 million sq. ft. primarily in Asia, Europe, Canada and Latin America.

 Quality Control 

ISO 9 001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, FDA Registration, GMP, Quality audit every 6 months, Internal ISO audit every quarter, Continuous Improvement Program, and Full Disaster Recovery Protocols.

 Environmental  Protection 

EHS concepts incorporated into management and facility design, ISO 14001 certificate, FSC certified, and OC 080000 certificate.

 Employee Safety 

OHSAS 18001 certified, EHS safety standards, and RR Donnelley corporate standards.

 Material Compliance 

REACH, CONEG, and EU Packaging Directive.

 Sustainability Strategy 

RR Donnelley’s EHS Policy informs and guides our Sustainability Leadership Committee, an internal multi-discipline team responsible for reviewing and approving initiatives relating to our Sustainability Strategy.

RR Donnelley’s Sustainability Strategy is reflected in a variety of practices across four categories: Resource Efficiency, Green Procurement, Waste Minimization and Stewardship

RR Donnelley has earned Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) "Chain-of-Custody" (CoC) certification and SFI/PEFC CoC certification at over 140 worldwide locations.

 Supply Chain 

Our supply chain capabilities include vendor managed inventory (VMI), just-in-time delivery, systems integration, logistics, sourcing, quality assurance, tracking & traceability and performance management.  All continually optimized to reduce inventory, obsolescence and working capital.

 Capabilities / Rollouts 

Experience Real History's Experience Real History brand has the capability to ramp production level in the millions in less than 8 weeks from time of order to your stores or D/C’s.  Orders below half million will take 6 weeks, orders under 5,000 can be filled out of inventory.



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