Soldados Attack the Long Barracks

Feb 16, 2018
Experience Real History
Historical Accuracy

On March 6, 1836, the Mexican army breached the outer defenses of the Alamo compound. Some of the defenders retreated to the Long Barracks behind barricaded doors and windows–prepared to fight to the last. The Mexican Soldados wheeled captured cannons in front of the barracks and blew holes through the barricades then rushed through the smoky openings for brutal hand-to-hand combat. The sheer numbers of the Soldados eventually overwhelmed the defenders inside.

This is a test-render of an in-app experience of that attack from the Experience Real History: Alamo Edition.  When you visit the Alamo, if you open the app and stand in front of the Long Barracks the app will recognize where you are and show you this portion of the battle. Notice, we have voice-over that explains what occurred. Our historians wrote the content based on years of research.

Please note: this isn’t the final version–be sure to check out the app to see how the first version changed to reflect the historians' input.