Ready to play with virtual reality in San Antonio?

March 30, 2017
Experience Real History

Thank you My San Antonio from the Express-News for mentioning our Experience Real History: Alamo Edition app and Augmented Reality enhanced diorama at the Witte museum in SA. Great article on virtual reality in San Antonio!

Experience Real History: Alamo Edition by Experience Real History superimposes augmented reality “layers” of the Alamo’s past over what visitors see at the shrine today. Open up the app at the Alamo and choose from locations on a map to see animated characters and battle, including what the Alamo courtyard looked like in 1836 and the room where James Bowie died, which no longer exists on the Alamo grounds. The app also features a scavenger hunt and bios of key Alamo figures, with an augmented reality map and AR trading cards coming in May. The app requires iPhone 6/Android 6 or newer devices. The $4.99 premium version offers more AR scenes and more than 100 additional videos, images and stories. (Free version and $4.99 premium version, available April 9 for iOS and May for Android)

Witte 300 app: Tied to the city’s tricentennial, the Witte Museum’s new “Confluence and Culture: 300 Years of San Antonio History” exhibit features a glass-encased diorama of the Alamo and surrounding area as it looked in 1836. Only when you look at it through the Witte 300 app, also by Experience Real History, you get a handful of augmented reality scenes about the Battle of the Alamo, such as a Mexican soldier putting up a blood-red flag to signify no quarter. The app also offers diverse stories of the Alamo from the Texian and Tejano perspectives. (Free app download for Android and iOS devices, $5 iPad rental available at the museum)