Limited Edition Augmented Reality Mini-Board & Card Set


The Limited Edition Augmented Reality Mini-board and Card Set provides a variety of ways to experience the Alamo as it was in 1836 through Augmented Reality (AR). The set provides access to 11 animated scenes. As part of this incredible realistic experience, this set comes with 7 Augmented Reality card experiences and 4 mini-board AR experiences – hear facts about historical figures who participated in the Alamo battles! You will need to download two apps for your device. Set includes:

  • 6” x 8” Mini Alamo Reality Board - The Mini Reality Board is a mousepad sized mat with a printed image of the 1836 Alamo from a bird’s-eye view. When viewed with the Experience Real History: Alamo Edition app, your own personal Alamo diorama appears in front of you! See and hear 4 important photoreal animated scenes from the Alamo battle, explore part of the fort the way it was in 1836, and experience the personal drama of the people who fought and died at the Alamo.
  • Collector’s Reality Card Set: Davy Crockett, Martín Perfecto De Cos, Antonio López de Santa Anna, Jim Bowie, William Barret Travis, and Sarah.
    Each card comes to life when viewed with the Experience Real History: Characters app. The historic characters spring into action while a narrator shares some fun facts from their life. Additional biographical information is on the reverse side of the card providing additional educational value.
  • Bonus Reality Card: Firing the virtual 6-lb Cannon
    Using the Experience Real History: Characters app, focus on the cannon card then watch as the cannon and crew pop on top of the card and then shoot the cannon with smoke and fire. Take a screen capture of the card in action and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #showusyourcannon.
  • Earbuds - Hear all the stories without disturbing your neighbors
  • Alamo Edition Guidebook - The Alamo Guidebook provides helpful instructions about using the Experience Real History: Alamo Edition app in addition to an informative map that shows the Alamo of 1836 overlaid on present day San Antonio. Use this map when at the Alamo Plaza to see where the long lost parts of the Alamo were in 1836. Also included in the booklet is a short history of the Alamo to gain a quick understanding of the Alamo story.

Device requirements: iPhone 6s and above, iPad with iOS10+, Android tablet and phone with OS6 and above with ARMv6 and FPU Processor and OpenGL 3.0.