The Battle of the Alamo: A 3D Interactive Adventure in Augmented Reality


A good book is like a window. Through the frame of its pages, a reader can peek into another world. Measured against this standard, The Battle of the Alamo is a book with a powerful distinction. When partnered with a smartphone or tablet, the book invites the reader to travel back to 1836 and “step inside” the Alamo to meet the heroes from the most legendary battle in Texas history!

Through a blending of text, 3D visualization, and augmented reality, the legendary battle of the Alamo is revealed as never before.

An expedition that allows you to travel back in time to the Alamo 1836

21 animated scenes based on historical fact tells the stories of heroes and the battles they fought.

Device requirements: iPhone 6s and above, iPad with iOS10+, Android tablet and phone with OS6 and above with ARMv6 and FPU Processor and OpenGL 3.0.